Mena y Guijón is a law firm formed more than 10 years ago and integrated by a team of first-class professionals with extensive experience, which allows it to provide comprehensive attention to its national and foreign clients in various areas of law. Provides legal services and counsel, both to individuals, as well as to a wide and growing range of investment, commercial, industrial companies and regulated markets.

The team of lawyers at Mena y Guijón are professionals graduated from prestigious Chilean universities, most of whom have completed postgraduate courses in the country and abroad. With vast work experience, they have full command of English and German languages.


Mainly oriented to the world of business, Mena y Guijón has relevant experience in civil and commercial law, particularly in mergers, acquisitions, financing, and in general, in the drafting and negotiation of numerous types of contracts. It also provides advice to companies in labor, environmental and regulatory matters. The high preparation of its lawyers allows the firm to offer its clients a serious and solid support in the implementation of their projects, and to provide advice on the legal issues of ordinary occurrence within the companies.

The services in the tax area include business planning, planning of foreign investment structures in Chile, tax advice to operational and investment companies, as well as family estate planning and succession planning, among others.

Mena y Guijón has also a judicial department, composed of lawyers specialized in dispute resolution, who litigate before ordinary courts of justice, administrative and arbitration. The main types of lawsuits carried out in the firm are of tax, commercial, construction and labor nature.


The lawyers of Mena y Guijón have extensive work experience in different fields of law. Especially relevant has been its participation in the tax, commercial, real estate, energy and environmental areas. Having studied their careers at renowned Chilean universities, some of them have taught or are currently teaching. They also have postgraduate degrees in prestigious national and foreign universities, and are fluent in English and German languages.